MOWAG GmbH: Denmark selects the DURO IIIP 6×6 as new Armoured Ambulance Vehicle

MOWAG DURO IIIP 6×6 Vehicles for Denmark


Hjørring, Denmark – On November 22, 2006 the Danish Army Materiel Command (DAMC) and MOWAG GmbH – a General Dynamics company – signed a contract for the delivery of 29 DURO IIIP 6×6 Armoured Ambulance Vehicles, including initial logistic support and services with a total value of over 32 Million Swiss Francs (approx. US$ 26 Million). This contract is preceded by six contracts with the DAMC – for EAGLE I 4×4, PIRANHA III 8×8 and EAGLE IV 4×4 between 1995 and 2005 – and adds another important element of Protected Mobility to the Armoured Vehicle fleet of the Danish Army.


The Danish Army Materiel Command has selected the MOWAG DURO IIIP 6×6 platform to fulfill an immediate requirement for Armoured Ambulance Vehicles to be deployed primarily in in-ternational missions. The DURO III platform offers the required payload and internal volume to transport a medical crew and up to 4 patients in a ballistic- and mine-protected environment. As the DURO III and the EAGLE IV (ordered by Denmark in 2005) are based on the same chassis concept using a majority of identical automotive components, operating cost in the area of training, special tools and spare parts can be greatly reduced.

MOWAG’s CEO, Simon T. Honess, and the entire MOWAG staff are very proud of the selection of the DURO IIIP 6×6 as this contract marks a further proof of Denmark’s confidence in the per-formance and reliability of MOWAG and the DURO and EAGLE line of Armoured Wheeled Ve-hicles. Honess stated: “We are honoured to have this further opportunity to serve the DAMC and the Danish Army with our vehicle systems and support services. To supply this customer with protected mobility is a responsibility which we undertake with our greatest commitment and enthusiasm.”

The DURO IIIP 6×6, to be equipped with two Stretcher Systems, Seating Space for up to three pa-tients, a wide range of Medical Equipment, Rescue Gear and a full Communication System, will add another important element of Protected Mobility to the Danish Army to be deployed into opera-tional environment calling for a high level of mobility, comfort and protection for the vehicle crew and patients. Production of the DURO will take place at MOWAG’s facility in Kreuzlingen and de-liveries will start in October 2007. Danish companies will be involved in the supply of various com-ponents and assemblies.


Facts about the DURO IIIP 6×6
The DURO IIIP 6×6 is a member of the MOWAG DURO and EAGLE family of Armoured Wheeled Vehicles in the weight class up to 13 tons. The DURO IIIP 6×6 is 6,7m long, 2.16 m wide and can be equipped with a wide range of function modules such as Ambulance, Troop Transport, EOD, Military Police, etc. On the road, the DURO III reaches a speed of 100 km/h, it manages gradients of up to 60% and side slopes of 40%. The 245 HP Cummins engine, in connection with the Allison 5-speed automatic transmission, the unique De Dion axles with patented Roll Stabilizer, the tire pressure regulation system, and permanent all-wheel drive give the DURO III an incomparable mobility both on- and off road.

MOWAG GmbH of Kreuzlingen, Switzerland develops, designs, and manufactures technologically advanced special vehicles for military use. More than 13’000 armoured wheeled vehicles of the MOWAG PIRANHA, MOWAG EAGLE, and MOWAG DURO series are fielded all over the world. Since October of 2003, MOWAG is part of the General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems group, and employs a qualified staff of more than 600 in its Kreuzlingen site.

The General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems group
 is part of General Dynamics Corporation (GD). General Dynamics, headquartered in Falls Church, Va., employs approximately 81,100 people worldwide, and expects 2006 revenues of approximately $24 billion. The company is a market leader in mission-critical information systems and technologies; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and business avia-tion.



Heinz König
Head of Marketing MOWAG GmbH / Tel. +41 (0) 71 677 55 22

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